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See below for ways to plug into our community in addition to Sunday mornings: 

Women's Bible Study

If you are looking for a place to connect with other women, this could be the place.  Every Tuesday, at 10:00 am until noon, women from town meet to study the Scriptures.  We look closely at what the original writers were conveying to their audience, and then see how this can be applied to our lives. In the past we have studied the book of John, Romans, Acts, Mark, Ephesians, Daniel, as well as other Pauline Epistles. We open our hearts to one another and share prayer requests at the end of the study.  Many ladies go out to lunch together, in Cashiers.

This group is open to visitors, and has been described as wonderfully unique.  Some of the women who attend have said many times that “Tuesday is my favorite day because of Bible Study”.

Contact: Candi Kerhoulas at christchurchcashiers@gmail.com.

Men’s Bible Study

The men from Christ Church, as well as from other churches, gather together each Tuesday morning at 8:00 am for Bible Study. The facilitation of this class is passed around among the men, which they really enjoy.  At 9:00 the men go out to breakfast together in town, and take time to build deeper friendships with one another. This is a great way to learn more about the Scriptures and grow in one’s commitment to Christ.

Contact: Wick Ashburn at wick@ashburnrealestate.com.

Wednesday Nights

Each Wednesday night, from June through the end of October, a delicious meal is prepared by our “church cooks”, Margie Ashburn and Patsy Wheeler. They do an outstanding job coming up with menus that we all enjoy!  After dinner, our pastor teaches a short section of Scripture or we watch videos from some of America’s finest Bible teachers. Time to fellowship and discuss what we have heard is an important part of the evening. Dinner begins at 6:00!  A donation of $5 is suggested.

To make a reservation contact: Margie Ashburn at margieashburn@gmail.com.

Sunday school

We offer an Adult Sunday school class from May through October.  Dr. Peter Dawson will be teaching the gospel of Luke.  The class meets at 9:30 each Sunday morning, before the service.  Dr. Dawson is insightful and offers opportunity for questions and discussion. 

For additional information contact: Pete Dawson online at pedawson@thedawsonacademy.com.